Welcome to TerraCraft Motors

New Website coming in October 2015

MVP Prototype Unveil at LoneStar Rally November 2015

  • For Pure Motorcycle Riding Enthusiasts

  • who seek an envelope pushing riding experience

  • Terracraft is a striking supertrike delivering gripping cornering performance

  • that combines the best attributes of choppers, superbikes, and cruisers

  • unlike the existing unwieldy side-by-side and sit-on-top trikes

  • the Terracraft design is optimized for extreme handling, intuitive lean, safety and performance at the limits of technology.


TerraCraft / (Earth-Craft): A fully engineered tandem saddle (two person motorcycle seat), extreme performance, intuitive lean assist cycle that combines attributes from aircraft, spacecraft, watercraft and supercars into a reverse trike motorcycle configuration. (Adrenaline Extractor) The Terracraft may be ridden in the full open configuration with top off, with or without doors. With the advance leaning system the rider is in control just like any two wheeler. If you run into foul weather; immediate protection is provided with the concealed canopy top and doors. While it’s always fun to ride on the weekends, why not enjoy year round riding including weekday single occupancy commuting in the HOV lane, with climate control? Riders may walk into the office fresh and crisp, full of adrenaline after piloting their personal ‘Road Rocket from Aerospace Roots’. Terracraft is a revolutionary Motorcycle design. What's your vision? Touring, Super Sport, Chopster? With hundreds of options on our fully engineered platform and versatile systems, we can build you a personal EV-250HP road rocket, convert your favorite OEM...or pretty much whatever your heart desires.

Pushing Terrestrial Boundaries - everything you know about earth-bound transportation and on-road recreation is about to change...

***Contact us to design and build your Custom Terracraft***

What is TerraCraft?

As evident by its stunning design cues, the two-seater Terracraft presents a unique reverse trike design that was developed combining some of the best minds of the aerospace and automotive design fields. The company merges NASA space vehicle design community skills and complex space industry program management talents, along with state of the art automotive design expertise and toolsets from a strategic partnership with Foresee Car Design Inc. of Mission Viejo, CA. Terracraft is driven by its founders’ love of all things motorsports, and their desire to give innovation a little push with the help of some ‘outside the industry’ thinking.


What’s Underneath That Pretty Skin?

The Terracraft reverse trike modular vehicle system can be mated to any number of existing base model motorcycles, or with any number of other custom power plant configuration options. Whether your interest is cruising, touring, sport or track performance, we can configure a vehicle right for you! We even have a street Quad design in development.